NuX Mini Core Pulse IR Loader


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Ampless? No worry, Pulse IR loader is the compact solution!


Pulse (NSS-4) is a mini IR-Loader pedal with 3 different modes including EG CAB, BS CAB, and AG IR. You can switch the types by tapping the tap switch. Besides that, you can use Pulse as a silent practice tool (1/8” phone jack) in the end of your pedalboard and even as a USB recording interface onto DAW.

EG CAB means electric guitar cabinet IRs. Pulse offers 8 guitar cab IRs: JZ120(Roland Jazz 120), DR112(Fender Deluxe Reverb), BS410(Fender Bassman 410), A212(VOX AC30 212), TR212(Fender Twin Reverb 212), 1960(Marshall 1960A 412), GB412(Celestion Greenback 412), V412(Celestion Vintage30 412).

BS CAB means bass cabinet IRs. Pulse offers 8 bass cab IRs: AGL DB810(Aguilar DB 810), AMP SV810(Ampeg SV810), MKB 410(Mark Bass 410), TRC 410(Trace Elliot 410), AMP SV410(Ampeg SV410 + Tweeter), Bassguy 410(Fender Bassman 410), Eden 410(EDEN 410), AMP SV212(Ampeg SV212).

AG IR means acoustic guitar IRs. Pulse offers 8 acoustic guitar IRs: G HBird EG Mag(Gibson Hummingbird for Electric Guitar Magnetic PU), G J15 EG Mag(Gibson J15 for Electric Guitar Magnetic PU), M D45 EG Mag(Martin D45 for Electric Guitar Magnetic PU), G HBird Pie(Gibson Hummingbird for Acoustic Guitar Piezo under saddle PU), G J15 Pie(Gibson J15 for Acoustic Guitar Piezo under saddle PU), M D45 Pie(Martin D45 for Acoustic Guitar Piezo under saddle PU), M HD28 Pie(Martin HD28 for Acoustic Guitar Piezo under saddle PU), T 814 Pie(Taylor 814 for Acoustic Guitar Piezo under saddle PU).

Pulse IR-Loader offers True-bypass and Buffer-bypass (Trails), just hold the footswitch to boot-up the pedal (do not connect USB). The footswitch indicator will show you the bypass status. (While you boot-up the pedal, if the FS indicator flashes “Green”=BF, “Red”=TB.)

Mini but mighty! It also supports Stereo input & output. (Use 1/4” TRS plug, and choose Stereo mode.)

*All of the brand and model names mentioned on this page are Trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with NUX Effects and Cherub Technology CO. LTD.



Edit Software

You can download Pulse edit software on the product page. For the default slots, you can replace any 3rd party IRs into them. Pulse editor will convert WAV format automatically.



  • BS CAB: AGL DB810, AMP SV810, MKB 410, TRC 410, AMP SV410, Bassguy 410, Eden 410, AMP SV212.
  • AG IR: G HBird EG Mag, G J15 EG Mag, M D45 EG Mag, G HBird Pie, G J15 Pie, M D45 Pie, M HD28 Pie, T 814 Pie.
  • 1024 samples real time calculation.
  • True-bypass or Buffer-bypass.
  • Supports Stereo.
  • Low power consumption. (less than 100mA)
  • USB Audio Stream, Firmware Update.
  • Pulse Editor for 3rd party IR loading, IR tweaking. (IR Level, Low Cut, High Cut)
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