Our onsite repair staff perform a wide array of repairs and services including but not limited to:

  • Set up services
  • Buzz Feiten nuts and saddles
  • Broken headstocks
  • Electronic mods and repairs

Please note:  We ask that you bring your intrument to be repaired in a case. We are running very low on storage space, and therefore cannot be held responsible for any cosmetic damage to uncased instruments.


Shop Labor Rates


Acoustic 6-String:   $20.00
Acoustic 12-String:   $25.00
Acoustic Nylon String:   $25.00
Electric Hard Tail:   $20.00
Electric w/ Floating Tremolo:   $30.00
Banjo:   $20.00
Mandolin:   $25.00
Dobro:   $20.00
Ukulele:   $20.00


Electric Hard Tail:   $65.00
Electric Floating Tremolo:   $100.00
Acoustic 6-String:   $75.00
Nylon String:   $85.00
Acoustic 12-String:   $85.00
Mandolin:   $100.00
Banjo:   $100.00

Pickup Installs

Electric Solidbody:   $75.00 & Up
Electric with Active Pickups:  $75.00 & Up
Electric Hollowbody:   $100.00 & Up
Acoustic 6-String:   $75.00
Acoustic 12-String:  $85.00
Acoustic Nylon String:   $85.00
With add-on Volume Control: additional $20.00
Mandolin:   $75.00
Banjo:  $75.00
Ukulele:  $75.00
Dobro:   $85.00


Nut, Plastic Precut:   $65.00
Nut, Bone Carved:   $65.00
Nut, Bone Angled:   $75.00
Bridge, Plastic Pre-Cut:   $55.00
Bridge, Carved Bone Compensated:   $65.00
Tuning Keys, Direct Switch Out:   $35.00
Tuning Keys, with Post Hole Modification:   $50.00
Strap Button Install:   $10.00
StrapLock Install:   $15.00
Electronic Repairs:  $35.00 & Up
Shield Electric Cavities:  $85.00
Kill Switch Install:   $35.00 & Up
Repair Broken Headstock:   $250.00 & Up
Minimum Bench Fee:  $35.00
Warranty Repairs
We do not do warranty work for items not purchased through our shop. If you purchased your instrument from another shop, you will need to contact them for any warranty work.


For repairs not listed here or for custom quotes, please email Terry Dineen directly at

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