Our onsite repair staff perform a wide array of repairs and services including but not limited to:

  • Set up services
  • Buzz Feiten nuts and saddles
  • Broken headstocks
  • Electronic mods and repairs

Please note:  We ask that you bring your intrument to be repaired in a case. We are running very low on storage space, and therefore cannot be held responsible for any cosmetic damage to uncased instruments.

Shop Labor Rates


Acoustic 6 String:   $20.00
Electric Hard Tail:   $20.00
Acoustic Twelve String:   $25.00
Electric w/ Floating Tremolo:   $25.00
Acoustic Nylon String:   $25.00
Banjo:   $20.00
Mandolin:   $25.00
Dobro:   $20.00
Ukulele:   $20.00


Acoustic 6 String:   $50.00
Nylon String:   $65.00
Acoustic 12 String:   $65.00
Mandolin:   $65.00
Electric Hard Tail:   $50.00
Banjo:   $75.00
Electric Floating Tremolo:   $85.00

Pickup Install

Electric Solidbody:   $50.00 & Up
Acoustic Nylon String:   $65.00
Electric Hollowbody:   $50.00 & Up
Mandolin:   $65.00
Acoustic Six String:   $50.00
Dobro:   $85.00
Acoustic:   Twelve String $65.00
Active Systems:    $50.00 & Up


Nut, Plastic Precut:   $55.00
Nut, Bone Carved:   $55.00
Nut, Bone Angled:   $65.00
Tuning Keys, Direct Switch Out:   $25.00
Tuning Keys, with Post Hole Modification:   $45.00
Strap Button Install:   $6.00
StrapLock Install:   $15.00
Bridge, Plastic Pre-Cut:   $45.00
Bridge, Carved Bone Compensated:   $55.00
Kill Switch Install:   $25.00 & Up
Repair Broken Headstock:   $250.00 & Up

For repairs not listed here or for custom quotes, please email Terry Dineen directly at

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