Dineen guitars are hand-built right here in Raleigh, NC, by Harry’s Guitar Shop’s own Terry Dineen. Dineen guitars are precision-designed from the ground up using select exotic and premier woods. You won’t find guitars like these from any known manufacturer. Satisfying a need to build unique guitars with player-specs in mind, in 2006, Terry merged his passion for woodworking with his love for quality guitars. Obsessed with design, and fueled by innovation, Terry began experimenting with new modifications shortly after his first build. The results speak for themselves – every piece is as beautiful as it is functional.
All Dineen guitars feature an offset neck carve – an ergonomic design to keep the player from having to drop their thumb forward at the first joint. This was actually designed to suit Terry's own joint problems. Almost all players who felt the necks loved it so much it became a standard feature.
Every Dineen guitar features an ultra-thin nitrocellulose finish. The tops are lightly grain filled and the sides and backs are left unfilled for a more natural, organic feel.
To keep up with Terry's latest creations or to see what's coming up on the horizon, check out his Facebook page:
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