JHS Prestige Boost


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JHS Prestige Boost

A 1 knob pedal that has plenty of tricks up its sleeve. A booster/buffer/enhancer that will give you that "something", the magic, that you've been looking for. Use as an always on preamp or buffer, or crank it up to send your amp into natural overdrive.

In the first 25 percent of the volume knob, you have a natural buffer/enhancer for long cable runs or to add a touch of brightness. At 25 percent to 75 percent , it becomes a volume boost to give a nice push to solos or to create more saturation in front of an overdrive. Above 75 percent and you'll be sending your amp into a meaty natural breakup by pushing the tubes on your amp. Use as a first stage overdrive or a second stage to maintain other overdrives tone while giving more of everything you love

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