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Product image 1Dr Z NOVA 1x12 LT Combo
Product image 2Dr Z NOVA 1x12 LT Combo
Product image 3Dr Z NOVA 1x12 LT Combo
Product image 4Dr Z NOVA 1x12 LT Combo
Product image 5Dr Z NOVA 1x12 LT Combo
Product image 6Dr Z NOVA 1x12 LT Combo
Product image 7Dr Z NOVA 1x12 LT Combo

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Dr Z NOVA 1x12 LT Combo

"A dual-channel amp that has a vintage soul, yet with versatility to suit the most demanding players." - Dr. Z

The Dr. Z NOVA moves in a bit of a new direction for Dr. Z Amps. It is a twin-channel switching amp with a wonderfully rich clean channel, reminiscent of a low-powered tweed twin, featuring full bodied mid-range with great depth and harmonic content. Jumping over to the overdrive channel blends smooth, thick overdrive into the clean signal for a perfect blend of string articulation and fat distortion. By blending both signals you maintain all the clarity of your clean channel while adding endless, singing sustain for lead work and robust overdrive that envelops chords with no loss of definition.

The NOVA has a 5881 based power amp wired in triode configuration, and utilizes an original low-powered tweed twin output transformer built by the Triad company: the same company that supplied transformers for the original tweed series over 50 years ago. As the heart of the amp, this authentically reproduced output transformer gives the NOVA it's vintage voice, while the overdrive channel adds a twist of modern gain at the step of a footswitch.

We included a specifically tuned post-phase inverter master volume to the NOVA allowing it to supply raucous roar or pristine cleans at whisper volumes. The final feature is also a first for Dr. Z: we have partnered with Metropoulos Amplification to include their stellar Zero Loss FX Loop circuit as an OEM part included in the NOVA. This fantastic circuit is designed to work with 99.5% of rack and floor pedal effects with zero compromise in tone and operation, and will insure that even the longest and most complicated effects chain will sound great through the NOVA at any volume and gain level. The NOVA is equally at home in a head cabinet or our ultra-lite 1x12 combo cab, fitted with a Celestion G12 H30 speaker.


    • Serial Number: GG-44131
    • Power Output: 32 watts
    • Output Tubes: 2 - 5881
    • Preamp Tubes: 3 - 12AX7
    • Rectifier: 1 - 5U4GB
    • Controls: Volume, Overdrive, Bass, Treble, Presence, Master Volume, Channel Footswitch
    • Other: 8 Ohm External and Internal speaker outs, Metro Zero Loss FX Loop, Channel Footswitch (footswitch included)
    • Speaker: Celestion G12H-30
    • Dimensions: 22 1/2" W, 20 1/8" H, 10" D
    • Weight: 36 lbs.

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