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Product image 1Dr Z Jetta 1x12 Studio Combo
Product image 2Dr Z Jetta 1x12 Studio Combo
Product image 3Dr Z Jetta 1x12 Studio Combo
Product image 4Dr Z Jetta 1x12 Studio Combo
Product image 5Dr Z Jetta 1x12 Studio Combo
Product image 6Dr Z Jetta 1x12 Studio Combo
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Product image 8Dr Z Jetta 1x12 Studio Combo

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Dr Z Jetta 1x12 Combo

"Perfect for the hobbyist, the pro-player, and anyone who appreciates no-frills operation, versatility, and uncompromising tone." - Dr. Z

With the JETTA, Dr. Z aimed to capture a unique sound suited for any level of guitarist, from amateur hobbyist to professional player at a price that would turn heads. From painstakingly auditioning guitar after guitar, tweaking, adjusting, and coaxing out the best tones from each model, Dr. Z molded the JETTA. This amp was engineered to provide an articulate and detailed platform for any guitar, be it vintage single coil or hotrodded humbucker. Notes seemingly leap from the fretboard and chords are reproduced with remarkable clarity and sustain. The JETTA produces the true sound of your guitar without compromise.

Starting with a pair of 7591 power tubes at its heart, the JETTA's signature sound is one of near hi-fi accuracy with a soundstage far larger than its small package would belie. The circuit topology provides a streamlined, effective signal path from guitar to speaker: a volume knob to adjust the gain and saturation, a single tone knob to quickly adjust for any guitar you plug in, and an attenuator-like master volume knob provides control at any volume level, with no loss of tonal integrity, detail, or bandwidth. Don't let the simplicity of the JETTA fool you. Plug in a guitar and you won't find yourself nudging the tone knob much shy of noon to find that sweet spot. Trust us, we have tried it; sonic bliss is a simple recipe!

The JETTA's 30 watts provides plentiful clean headroom for the player with even the most robust pedalboard, yet it's able to grind out thick overdrive at a controllable volume level. For those players that prefer achieve tube distortion from the JETTA, we have included the stellar Metro Zero-Loss FX loop circuit to retain signal integrity through any path of modulation, delay, or reverb effects.

Despite being the most affordable amp in the Dr. Z line, no corner was cut, no exception was made; the JETTA is hand-wired in Cleveland, OH with the premium components (including Jupiter caps, Heyboer power transformer, and Triad output transformer) used in all of our models. Our ultra-resonant, ultra-lightweight studio 1x12 cabinet comes loaded with a UK-made Celestion H30, and weighs a portable 34lbs.


    • Serial Number: EE-49191
    • Power Output: 30 Watts
    • Output Tubes: 2 -7591
    • Preamp Tubes: 2 - 12AX7
    • Rectifier: 1 - 5AR4
    • Controls: Volume, Tone, Master Volume
    • Other: 8 Ohm Output, Metro "Zero Loss" FX loop
    • Configuration: 1x12 Studio Combo
    • Dimensions: 19 1/4" W, 19 1/2" H, 10 1/2" D
    • Weight: 34 lbs.

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