DOD Envelope Follower 440


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Speak with vowel-like sounds, cry with slow-filter sweeps that react to your pick attack

The return of the legendary DOD Envelope Filter 440 was not left unnoticed by Premier Guitar, whose senior editor, Nick Millevoi, takes a deep dive into the reasons why the 440 living up to its promise 5 decades after the original release. He starts off the review insisting on how well the 440 ‘hits the sweet spot’ while delivering on the two main tasks of a great filter pedal: being easy and distinct.

“I can easily find the sounds I want and dial them in with accuracy… 440 has its own personality—a distinct warm voice that sets it apart from the competition.”

One volume and one filter control were enough for rock pioneers to create entire sonic landscapes with the 404; the reissued version brings the same classic tone and utilitarian design but with double the functionality with one extra switch that reverses the direction of the filter.

“There’s something inherently fun about envelope filters, and the DOD is no exception.”

Nick continues to explore the many possibilities of the 440 that earned the pedal its award and, most importantly, a place in the pedalboard of funk jammers, Jerry-heard, the cathartic noisy adventures, and as he considers himself, casual ‘envelope filter tourist.’

“If simplicity is key, the DOD still sounds great right out of the box.”


  • Based on original DOD Envelope Filter 440 circuit design with updated components
  • True bypass and new crisp blue LED status indicator.
  • Lighter aluminum chassis.

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