Anasounds Utopia Analog Delay and Tape Echo with Modulation


Product image 1Anasounds Utopia Analog Delay and Tape Echo with Modulation
Product image 2Anasounds Utopia Analog Delay and Tape Echo with Modulation

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Anasounds Utopia Analog Delay and Tape Echo with Modulation

Warm and Vintage

Tape echo delay enhanced by a deep modulation made to magnify your sound from atmospheric soundscapes to the craziest driving solo.

The anasounds Utopia is a tape echo pedal linked to a modulation with variable speed and depth. Echoes and filtering applied let you find a very warm, vintage sound. Calibrated for echoes from 0 to 400ms (can go up to 600ms) it's primarily designed to be left on 90% of the time for a beautiful slap-back. It will also enhance and accentuate your sound in the mix, when coupled with an overdrive or a distortion. In this version we have decided to add a modulation, strike a chord and transport yourself to the other side of the galaxy!

Compared with digital solutions, which are very accurate, very cold and full of features, and compared with the bbd circuits that are now obsolete and sacralized, we've chosen this little chip, the PT2399. A first study in datasheets / engineering allowed us to get a very satisfactory first release. The second step was to leave out the literature, take a guitar, a breadboard, an oscilloscope and feel in real time the effect of each change on this circuit.



    • DELAY: controls the time between each repetition.
    • REPEAT: between 1 and many repetitions (and even infinite)
    • MIX: set the presence of echo between 0 and 100% while keeping a full analog and noiseless input signal.
    • MOD: switch it to activate or deactivate the modulation.


    • TONE: to modify the tone of the repetitions by filtering them
    • MORE: to go from 400 to 600ms at the maximum rate of the delay.
    • DEPTH: to set a more or less deep modulation.
    • RATE to set modulation's speed. from slow and liquid modulation to a little vibrato.
    • LIGHT: to control light intensity

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