Anasounds Savage MKII


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Anasounds Savage MKII

Savage........Not a clone

You said "clone"? A warm and powerful overdrive inspired by the legendary centaur and reshaped by our engineer.

Always powerful and redoubtable, we chose to keep the vintage electronic structure to maximize warmness and tone dynamic. The savage will provide clean tone and overdrive at the same time!

We rearranged the clipping, the tone circuit, the voicing, the buffer and the output stage to propose new tones, as well as the way we see this legendary pedal. Thereby, this pedal becomes, in addition to a simple boost/overdrive, a beautiful enhancer, able to magnify the tone of the guitar/amplifier duo.



    • OUTPUT: to supply more than 25dB because of the low output impedance of the circuit
    • TONE: for a real tone and not a treble booster
    • GAIN: to blend saturated and clean sound and make the overdrive saturate even more


    • VOICING: to set the tone of the overdrive stage
    • LIGHT: to set light intensity
    • TREBLE: for a tone instead of a treble as in the standard centaur
    • OD BASS: for more bass on the overdrive stage
    • CLIPPING: for a vintage or a modern sound

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