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Anasounds Freq Up Custom Boost

Push Yourself Through the Mix

Overdrive and boost. Amplifier a little bit too weak? Overdrive you want to push? A good way to stand out in the mix while doing an amazing solo? Line losses? The Freq Up is the pedal you need, in front of your pedalboard or amplifier!

This is a clean boost circuit in parallel with the 2nd clipping setting of the cerberus followed by another stage of amplification (to add power and tone definition). At the end, we've put an active tonality circuit that allows you to boost : treble, mid or bass!



    • GAIN: engaged only on overdrive mode.
    • OUT: output level, up to +24dB.
    • BASS - MEDIUM - TREBLE: a switch to change the tone.


    • ROLL OFF/VOICING: saturation frequency of the overdrive. the less we have, the cleaner and more creamy the sound is, particularly in bass frequencies. and the more roll-off, the greater the saturation and more harmonics we'll have!
    • DIP-SWITCH: 3 mini switchs to switch from clean boost to overdrive.
    • LIGHT: controls light intensity

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