Anasounds Feed Me BC108 Silicon Fuzz


Product image 1Anasounds Feed Me BC108 Silicon Fuzz
Product image 2Anasounds Feed Me BC108 Silicon Fuzz

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Anasounds Feed Me BC108 Silicon Fuzz

Simple, Fat and Powerful

Inspired by the fuzz face from late 60s, the feed me is a bc108 fuzz. It sounds massive, thick, and fat, all at the same time and can help you stand out in the mix by using the high frequencies rolloff.

Plug and play silicon fuzz operated by BC108, the same transistors used in the late 60's Fuzz Face. Its sound is fat and massive but also surprisingly accurate in high frequencies to let it cut through any mix. The Feed Me comes stock with our favorite settings but don't let it fool you with its apparent simplicity, the internal settings allow you to refine your tone.



    • None


    • TREBLE: you get the natural sound of the effect when it is at 0. more you turn it, more you cut the trebles.
    • LEVEL: +15dB at the output.
    • FUZZ: controls the craziness of the effect
    • LIGHT: controls light intensity
    • FEED: adjust the amount of the attack entering the system. A lot of feed means an infinite sustain.
    • BIAS: set if you want the creamy and massive feed me or an insane and explosive germanium fuzz sound.

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