The Original U-Bass
They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Well if that is the case, then lately we have been very flattered. We are starting to see imitations of our ground-breaking U-BASS coming to market. Our product, support, marketing, and related activities are well advanced of the imitations.
In 2007, when I first met Owen Holt in Hawaii and played his original Big Bufo bass design, it would have been hard for me to imagine that six years later we would have an entire product line dedicated to U-BASS. But I knew, even back then, that there was something special with this instrument and I was hooked.
I was so excited about this slice of thunder that we didn't just look at adding one instrument to our current line-up, but we built a dedicated brand and spent countless hours and resources improving the design, developing new models and introducing thousands of Bass players to the U-Bass.
Today we have over 35 different U-Bass models and feel so blessed to have some of the greatest bass players in the world endorsing and playing U-BASS on tour and in the studio. But the most rewarding thing is having a such a supportive fan base with us every step of the way!
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