Yamaha Revstar RS620 - Snake Eye Green


Product image 1Yamaha Revstar RS620 - Snake Eye Green
Product image 2Yamaha Revstar RS620 - Snake Eye Green
Product image 3Yamaha Revstar RS620 - Snake Eye Green
Product image 4Yamaha Revstar RS620 - Snake Eye Green
Product image 5Yamaha Revstar RS620 - Snake Eye Green

Regular price $699.99

Drawing inspiration from London and Tokyo's vintage street-racing motorbikes, Japan's heritage of engineering excellence and the 50-year legacy of Yamaha guitar craftsmanship, every detail of each Revstar model has been carefully engineered to bring out the unique personality of each guitar in the lineup. From the curves and contours of the ground-up body design to the distinctive colors and finishes and custom-wound pickups that perfectly match the guitar's character, the Revstar collection comprises a diverse lineup of instruments as unique as the guitarists who play them.

Inspired by the 1974 Yamaha Super Fighter guitar, the RS620 takes its design cues from a cult classic, combining them in perfect balance with the individual styling and custom-built vibe of the Revstar concept. Its roots definitely run deep, but this isn’t your dad’s guitar.

Includes a Padded Gig Bag



  • Serial Number:  IHI163059
  • Weight:  8.2 lbs
  • 3-Piece Mahogany Neck
  • Maple and Mahogany Body, Flame Maple Laminated
  • Hand-Brushed Satin (Steel Wool) Finish
  • Humbucking Pickups/Alnico V
  • Push-Pull "Dry Switch"
  • Adjustable Wraparound Bridge
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