NUX Roctary Rotary Speaker Emulator and Polyphonic Octave


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NUX Roctary Rotary Speaker Emulator and Polyphonic Octave

Roctory is a combination of "Rotary" and "Octave".

It is world's first rotary speaker cabinet simulator with a polyphonic octave effect. With NUX original TSAC Technology, it faithfully recreates the lush swirling sound of the rotating lower speaker and the treble rotor horn in 3 Dimensions! It even captures the characters of the over-driven tube amp to the speaker!

Polyphonic Octave and Rotary effect and rotary cabin simulator.

There are many great guitar players remembered for their guitar sound as well as their guitar skills. Many of them have incorporated the rotary speaker into their rigs. The Roctary is a tribute to those legends and their sounds.It offers adjustable speed, brake, horn and bass, overdrive and all the features of rotary effects with additional octave effects. Not only a classic rotary, the Roctary can be used to create unique organ sounds when combining the rotary effect with polyphonic octave and warm overdrive. It also has a cabinet simulator that offers legendary 'Leslie-Speaker‚' sound. Also compatible with most keyboards.

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