Menatone Hindenburg Mini - Used


Regular price $119.99

Used Menatone Hindenburg Mini in Excellent Condition with Original Box


The Menatone Hindenburg is based on the famous Supro Thunderbolt amp that was supposedly used by Mr. Page in the early Zep days.
Big, Fat, Luxurious tones with a grinding midrange and plenty of bass. Gain range goes from clean boost to full rock distortion.

This mini version is the exact same as the original with the same parts and circuit

Full sized through hole parts are used throughout, no surface mount in here. The Hindenburg mini will be sold direct from Menatone only, which accounts for the amazing price. Just like every other Menatone pedal, each one is made by hand, one at a time in the USA

Dimensions are 1.5" x 3.66"

Power supply must be used, no battery for the mini.

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