Kala Ukadelic USA Soprano Ukulele


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Kala Ukadelic USA Soprano Uke

The extremely playable and well-made Ukadelic.

Unique colorful designs that incorporate art, culture and humor in their designs. They are extremely playable and well made. We like 'em and we think you will too! We will go so far as to say that you will go Ukadelic over them!

J. Charles Holt was given his first ukulele by his wife while in Hawaii for their wedding. He has been playing ever since and was inspired to make this design. His interests range from ham radio and restoring vintage tube radios, to watercolor painting and collecting rare tiki mugs.

    • Custom Artwork Top

    • Durable

    • Water-resistant

    • Easy to Clean

    • Excellent for School Programs

    • ABS Composite Plastic

    • Nickel-plated Open Gear Tuners

    • Custom Logo Tote Bag

    • Mini-Quick Start Guide

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