Greenchild Mr. Boost


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Greenchild Mr, Boost

The ultimate clean boost with 27dB of gain on tap for your ample tone loving needs.

Mr. Boost is a transparent workhorse designed with a boot-strapped power supply that delivers 27dB of volume boost and up to 12Vpp of clean output signal from a regular 9V supply. Most 9V boost pedals are practically limited to 6Vpp of headroom or less. Mr. Boost plays well at any point in the signal chain and will nicely compliment your favorite tube amp and other effects.

Features at a glance

  • 27dB of clean volume boost

  • Tone neutral EQ

  • Bass guitar friendly

  • Regulated internal power supply

  • Solid, heavy weight steel enclosure

  • True mechanical bypass

  • Top mounted jacks

  • 100% analog

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Designed & assembled in the USA

Greenchild gear is designed with premium, audio-grade components and meticulous attention to detail. Our pedals will serve as valuable tools in your tone arsenal for years to come. Semper utilis!

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