Greenchild Kursk Overdrive


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Greenchild Kursk Overdrive

The Kursk is our take THE seminal "transparent" overdrive pedal. Not just another Klone, the Kursk takes inspiration from the iconic Klon Centaur yet has a special mojo all her own! Are you having visions of dancing Centaur's on the Siberian Steppe? The Kursk retains all the sweetness of the classic overdrive circuit, fusing an upgraded tone stack and active volume boost that deliver improved performance and versatility across your signal chain.

Features at a glance

  • Transparent Klone style overdrive

  • Parallel clean / overdriven signal paths

  • Buffered input/output

  • Active Baxandall tone stack

  • Active Baxandall volume boost

  • 27VDC boosted internal power supply

  • Unique, space efficient enclosure

  • Top mounted jacks

  • 100% analog signal path

  • Soft switching

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Designed & assembled in the USA

  • Our compact enclosure features top mounted jacks that displace as much horizontal board space as a mini-pedal equipped with side jacks.

Greenchild gear is designed with premium, audio-grade components and meticulous attention to detail. Our pedals will serve as valuable tools in your tone arsenal for years to come. Semper utilis!

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