Boss PQ-3B Bass Parametric Equalizer - Used


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Used Boss PQ-3B Bass Parametric Equalizer in Good Condition

  • Highly-sought after and rare pedal, only produced between 1991 and 1995
  • Excellent tone shaper for bass
  • 3-band bass parametric equalizer that features Low, Middle and High bands
  • Each band allows you to set the frequency and level, which can be boosted or cut up to 18 dB each
  • Low band ranges from 25Hz to 400Hz
  • Middle band ranges from 160Hz to 2.5kHz
  • High band ranges from 1kHz to 16kHz
  • Level control is placed before the filters and can be used to correct the volume difference between the effect and straight sounds
  • Footpad shows some wear, but pedal functions perfectly!
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