Valeton Dapper Indie Multi-Effect - Used


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Used Valeton Dapper Indie Multi-Effect in Excellent Condition with Original Box and Power Supply

Specially designed for ambient/indie/experimental rockers and troublemakers, the Dapper Indie lets you embrace independent spirit. This all-in one pedal has everything you need, plus some inspirations.

  • TUNER module with fast, accurate tuning
  • INDIE DRIVE module with flexible 2-band EQ
  • FUZZ WALL module with super wide-ranged sound character from mild to wild
  • Versatile LIQUID FX module with fine-tuned chorus/phaser/tremolo effects
  • ECHOES module with 3 fine-tuned delay effects ranging from vintage to modern
  • AMBIENT module with 3 fine-tuned reverb effects creating epic spaciousness
  • Tap Tempo function for LIQUID FX and ECHOES modules
  • Switchable effect trail
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