Bedell Limited Brazilian Collection Cadenza Parlor


Product image 1Bedell Limited Brazilian Collection Cadenza Parlor
Product image 2Bedell Limited Brazilian Collection Cadenza Parlor
Product image 3Bedell Limited Brazilian Collection Cadenza Parlor
Product image 4Bedell Limited Brazilian Collection Cadenza Parlor
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Bedell Limited Brazilian Rosewood Collection Cadenza Parlor

The last of 4 in the Brazilian Series is here!


Ocean Sinker Redwood/Esperanza Brazilian Rosewood

Discarded into a bog on a NE Brazilian ranch, the Esperanza tree absorbed mineral depostis, making it dense and brilliant as a tone wood. 7,000 miles away, an ancient redwood tree was washed into the Pacific Ocean and over the years drifted its way to Manzanita Beach in Tillamook County, Oregon. The result: the Bedell Cadenza is a swarm and sweet-sounding parlor that sings like an angel.


    • SERIAL NUMBER: 619001, 1 OF 8
    • TOP WOOD: Solid Ocean Sinker Redwood
    • BODY WOOD: Solid Esperanza Brazilian Rosewood
    • WAIST WIDTH: 8.75"
    • UPPER BOUT WIDTH: 10.125"
    • BODY LENGTH: 19.625"
    • BODY DEPTH: 3.562" (neck), 4.375" (tailblock)
    • STRING GAUGE: D'Addario EXP 16's
    • BINDING: Tortoiseshell
    • INLAY: Custom
    • SCALE LENGTH: 25"
    • HAND TUNED: Yes
    • CASE: Ameritage


Bedell Guitar's mission of crafting the absolute finest sounding and playing acoustic guitars is grounded in the century old forests of northeastern Brazil. It is a mystery, the magical sound that Brazilian rosewood uniquely delivers. Deep, rich powerful music with profound bass and shimmering highs. You will identify the magnificent Brazilian tones the second you hear them as well as appreciating the stunning hues of browns, blacks, yellows and reds and the unique wood fragrance. It is these special characteristics that earned it the name, ROSEWOOD.

The journey of Bedell's Brazilian rosewood has been long - in time and distance. Growing in NE Brazil as many as five hundred years ago, carbon dating confirms some of our tonewood sets result from trees thriving before the Portuguese encountered the New World.

Over sixty years ago, Francisco Sanchez Sese, a gifted Spanish woodworker of exquisite furniture and religious monuments, traveled to Brazil. He sourced several rosewood logs to craft cathedral doors and pulpit adornments. By good fortune, Senior Sanchez had them shipped to his workshop in Colmenar Viejo, just outside of Madrid, before Brazil's 1967 export ban on Brazilian rosewood logs.

In the 1990's, Francisco's son, Miguel Angel Sanchez Senovilla, began quarter sawing the Brazilian logs, intending to craft his own line of guitars. To his amazement, the aged air-dried logs had matured into spectacular tonewood and his thriving guitar tonewood enterprise, Madinter was born.

Thanks to his father, Miquel had documentation on the sourcing and shipping of the Brazilian logs which grandfathered in its legal trade, even after the CITES convention of 1992 listed Brazilian rosewood as an endangered species. However, the Spanish government delivered a roadblock. In 2002 it banned the export of any Brazilian rosewood until it could certify its importation into Spain was before 1992, which it finally achieved with Madinter in 2010.

In January of 2013, Tom Bedell began negotiation to acquire Madinter's entire collection of Brazilian rosewood tonewood which arrived the following September, fully certified and documented. Every tonewood set is included in a Master File with the US Fish and Wildlife Service enabling permits to be issued for international travel and conveyance.

It is with this spectacular journey that we are pleased to present the incredible sounding and exquisite Bedell Brazilian Collection, four unique purpose-built limited editions of eight each, individually released throughout 2019.


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