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Top Hat Super Deluxe 112 Combo - Navy Blue with Bluesbreaker Grill

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$ 2149.00
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We order our Super Deluxe models stock with EL34 power tubes, because that's the way we like it!  Nonetheless, we are happy to equip the amp with your output tube type of choice.
The New Super Deluxe features a slightly refined EQ and a larger output transformer to process the larger EL34 Power Tubes. The Super Deluxe puts out 33 watts of cathode biased Class A Power. Not only does it have larger power transformer, but it also features larger output transformers and is biased to handle 6L6's, EL34's and 6V6's without adjustment. The Super Deluxe features a preamp based on the TopBoost, Tweed Bassman and plexi Marshall arrangement -- mixed with an AC30 type phase inverter and no-negative feedback, cathode biased output section. It lays right in the midst of 3 of the greatest amps of all time. The 30-35 watt power is more than a 20 watter and less than a 45-50 watter, obviously -- but, it really works well for the real world playing environments!!!
Fat-Off-Bright Switch
Treble, Mid & Bass
Master Volume
33 Watts - Class A
Back Lit Top Hat Logo
Tube Rectified- GZ34/5AR4
2 EL34 Power Tubes (6L6 or 6V6 can be used without biasing)
3 Tung Sol 12AX7
Custom Heyboer Transformer
Speaker- Celestion G12H30 8 Ohms
Colors & Styling:
Shown above Navy Tolex and Bluesbreaker grill cloth.
All Top Hat Amps are able to be customized with a wide variety of tolex and grill cloth options. 
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