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Get Loud and Get Heard with Portable PA Systems from Harry’s Guitar Shop
Many local venues for singer-songwriters and acoustic acts don’t have their own PA systems. And for those that do – they often don’t sound too great. At Harry’s Guitar Shop we’ve compiled some of the best sounding, easy-to-use PA systems for musicians on-the-go. From Bluetooth capabilities to room-filling bass response, find the right features with YOUR sound in mind.
Never suffer through a tedious sound-check again. Leave those bulky speakers behind – lightweight and easy to load, our selection of space saving gear and cases will leave you more room for guitars and a fuller tip jar. 


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LD Systems MAUI 5 SUB PC Protective Cover for LD MAUI 5 Subwoofer
$ 39.99
Market price: $ 59.99 save 33%
LD Systems MAUI 5 SAT BAG Transport Bag for LD MAUI 5 Columns
$ 49.99
Market price: $ 69.99 save 29%
LD Systems CURV 500 SAT BAG Padded Transport Bag For 4 CURV 500 Satellites
$ 79.99
Market price: $ 109.99 save 27%
Qty Out of stock
LD Systems CURV 500 SUB PC Transport Trolley for Subwoofer
$ 89.99
Market price: $ 119.99 save 25%
Qty Out of stock
Powerwerks PW40BATBT 40 Watt Personal PA System with Bluetooth
$ 249.99
LD Systems Stinger MON101AG2 10" Active Stage Monitor
$ 349.99
Market price: $ 499.99 save 30%
LD Systems MAUI 5 Ultra Portable Column PA System with Mixer and Bluetooth
$ 599.99
Market price: $ 799.99 save 25%
Fishman SA220 Solo Performance System
$ 999.95
Market price: $ 1549.99 save 35%
Qty Out of stock
LD Systems Curve 500 ES Portable Array System Entertainer Set including Distance Bar & Speaker Cable
$ 1199.99
Qty Out of stock
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