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Colorful and Classic by Design
Why deal with cheap imitation when you can get vintage tone from the source? Since 1968, Orange has delivered true British tone straight from the heart of England. From refined hardwood cabinets to Class A tube circuitry, Orange’s classic styles can be heard being played by some of the most legendary players across the globe.  Warm. Receptive. Pure. Raw. Which Orange amp will bring out your best? 


Orange PPC112 60w 1x12 Cabinet
$ 379.00
Market price: $ 469.00 save 19%
Orange PPC212C 2X12 Closed-Back Cabinet
$ 749.00
Market price: $ 1029.00 save 27%
Orange TH30C Combo
$ 1379.00
Market price: $ 1879.00 save 27%
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