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Bring the Thunder
Dial into legendary tone with Orange bass amps. The masters of British design offer everything from modern finesse to vintage growl with their full spectrum of amps for professionals and future performers alike. Get clean. Get mean. Whether you’re searching for a combo, cab, or stack – Orange bass amps bring it with style and durability. Experience a versatile blend of tone, drive, and class today.


Orange Crush Bass 50 Combo
$ 299.00
Market price: $ 379.00 save 21%
Orange Crush Bass 100 Combo
$ 569.00
Market price: $ 699.00 save 19%
Orange OB1-500 Bass Head
$ 899.00
Market price: $ 1099.00 save 18%
Orange OBC410H Bass Cab
$ 999.00
Market price: $ 1379.00 save 28%