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Dr Z

At Harry’s Guitar Shop, our quest for tone never ends and we are proud to welcome Dr Z amps into the fold!

Since 1999, Mike Zaite (Dr Z) has combined his lifelong passion for tone with his love for tinkering into a truly spectacular line of guitar amps. These point-to-point hand-wired amps are designed with a shorter, more direct signal path for truer sonic saturation.  Z amps are built for tone-hounds looking to dial in the everything from vintage inflection, rock, roots and more.

Based out of Cleveland, Ohio, this 2014 Guitar Player Editor’s Pick company features over 18 amp types and 7 customizable cab designs. Players like Joe Walsh, Brad Paisley, Boz Scaggs, The Yardbirds, Steve Miller, the Foo Fighters and many other world-class have made Dr Z one of the most successful boutique amp builders to date.


Dr Z 1x12 Cab - Black with Z-Wreck Grill
$ 579.00
Dr Z Brake-Lite Attenuator
$ 229.00
Dr Z Cure 112 Combo - Black/Z-Wreck
$ 1399.00
Dr Z DB4 1x12 "Classic Lite" Combo - Black & Tan
$ 2199.00
Dr Z Maz-18 Jr NR Head - Black with Z-Wreck Grill
$ 1648.00
Dr Z Z-Drive
$ 275.00
Dr Z Z-Lux Combo - Black with Z-Wreck Grill
$ 2399.00
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