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This is the amp that started it all! What can we say? We got it right the first time! The Jimmy is the flagship touring amplifier for regional professionals and national artists alike. It's JAMMED PACKED with features that YOU CAN USE!! 



Speaker Config: 1 x 12 in. design at 16 Ohm
Speaker: Celestian Vintage 30 (50 Watt)
Power: 50 watts tube
Output Tube Type: 6L6 
Class: AB
Preamp Tube Type: 12AX7 (phase inverter 12AT7)
Dirt Channel: Gain, Volume (uses preamp of active channel)
Clean Channel: Gain, Volume, Low, Mid, High (vintage American Clean)
Overdrive Channel: Gain, Volume, Low, Mid, High (modern American High Gain)
Master Volume: Yes
Master Volume Bright Switch: Switches amp to "Bright" Mode for those of you who want more chime...
Master Reverb: Yes
Effects Loop: Yes
Power Cable: Detachable 12' IEC
Footswitch: Two button lighted switch. (Dirt, Overdrive / Clean)
Input: 120V AC power.
Fuse: 3.15 AMP Mains Fuse
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