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 We had two goals in mind when building The Scanner: to create the best sounding product available and to manufacture it with re-purposed, sustainable materials. Made out of re-purposed vintage vibrato scanners and reverb tanks from unwanted Hammond organs, the Scanner features an unparalleled vibrato and reverb sound. In short, our endeavor was a success. 
The vibrato scanner is an absolute marvel of engineering with historical roots. Laurens Hammond invented and started selling the technology in 1935.  From 1935 to 1975, the vibrato scanner remained virtually unchanged until Hammond stopped producing tone-wheel organs.
The science behind The Scanner is where the magic happens. Applying the audio signal to a delay circuit produces 9 phase-shifted copies of the signal, thus creating a vibrato effect. These signals are applied to capacitive plates mounted inside the scanner assembly.  A rotating armature then “picks up” the phase shifted signals off of the plates, producing an incredibly rich vibrato sound.
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